About me

I was born and raised in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. From the very early age the two of my greatest interests were animals and art. By the age of fourteen I completed my basic art education in traditional fine arts from a rigorous 4-year study program at the School of Fine Arts for Children run by Odessa Grekov Art College. I continued to develop my painting skills on my own while pursuing other interests in my studies and jobs related to animals. I later began promoting myself as an artist and paint for sale and commissions.

After moving to the Unites States I continued to pursue my art life and was fortunate to be a member of the Sharon Arts Center in Sharon, NH for several years where I took classes with talented local artists and participated in art exhibits.

Taking computer graphic classes expanded my interest in Information Technology and that's what I do for my day job. I continue to paint and participate in local art events in my free time as much as I can. I had my solo exhibition featuring around 30 of my paintings in 2012 as part of the Artist of the Month exhibition at the Paris Center For The Arts in Westford, MA. I enjoy getting together with other artists to paint plein air and for most of my landscapes I either start on site and continue working later, or complete a small painting for future reference in addition to photos I take. If I can't paint I do sketching and notes taking to help me remember the colors and the overall mood of the place and time. Most of my commissions have been animal portraits.

Oils and Acrylics are my favorite paint mediums. Sketching is usually done in pencil or a ballpoint pen.

My artwork reflects my fascination with the animal world and the nature in general. I consider myself very fortunate to have been living in New England, where we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and open skies. I love the ocean and visit local beaches frequently year round. I paint what is around that inspires me.


Send me an email: oksana.zotkina@gmail.com